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Github Actions

I am quite excited to develop a mechanism for initiating Github Action workflows from Observable notebooks, both with bring-your-own token and unauthenticated

The ecosystem is massive and we could do all kinds of things like backups, file issues etc.

Also worth reminding the zapier integration (Zapier Cell Trigger / Endpoint Services / Observable) has been happily running for over a year now and powers the trending notebook bot (https://twitter.com/trendingnotebo2).

The exciting thing with Github Actions is that it offers version controlled storage as well.

Really between outbound requests through Github Actions and Zapier, and handling inbound requests through webcode.run, active monitoring with UptimeRobot and error reporting through sentry.io, usage monitoring with Plausible Analytics, we have a fairly comprehensive development platform which can be operated entirely within a browser. Oh Firebase is a good fit too for a web based realtime database.

A big disadvantage of browser is lack of TCP, but I am beginning to break that down too using websockify, my first experiment got redis connected. Tantalisingly, Emscripten can convert TCP sockets to websocket automatically, raising the possibility of cross compiling native DB drivers Networking — Emscripten 3.0.1-git (dev) documentation for web usage.



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