Gazing for Advice on Using Observable Notebooks to Create Interactive Data Visualisation

Hello everyone :hugs:,

Right now, I’m working on a project that uses Observable documents to create a collaborative visual representation of data. Although I’m relatively fresh to Observable, I have some experience with D3.js, JavaScript, and the fundamentals of data visualisation.

Utilising a significant amount of ecological information gathered over a decade is the goal of my study. The information is gathered from several sources and comprises a range of parameters, including temperature, humidity, air quality index, and more.

Developing an interactive dashboard with the following features is my aim:

  • Apply various filters to the data, such as time ranges, locations, and metrics.
  • Display data patterns over time visually: scatter plots, bar charts, and line charts.
  • Compare various datasets: Permit users to compare and contrast various datasets in order to perform comparative analysis.
  • Interactive features: Zooming, panning, and tooltips.

These are the particular difficulties I’m having:

For managing huge datasets, is there a better method than using Observable’s File Attachments?

How to set up the notebook so that the code is maintainable and modular. Any advice on how to use cells efficiently?

I also checked this: but I am not able to clear my doubts through this documentation.

Any guidance, pointers, or examples that you could provide would be very valued. Please let me know if you have experience with projects comparable to this or if you know of any useful resources.

Thank you :pray: in advance for your support and guidance!