Am I missing the interactions in Mike's Dashboard?

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Mike just published ‘Dashboard’, in which he states:

Observable lets you import cells from other notebooks. With a little convention, you can quickly assemble (interactive!) visualizations from multiple notebooks into a CSS grid layout, say for a dashboard.

Yet none of the charts in the example appear to be responding me clicking around them with a mouse on Chrome. Is it just me? Or was Mike referring to the potential for interaction, but providing only an example of the dashboard structure?

Since starting with Observable, it’s been my goal to essentially arrive at something like a dashboard. I note that libraries like crossfilter have been designed to facilitate these sorts of interactions, though I’m still working my way up to trying them (trying to learn the basics of building out UI elements, learning how filters work, etc, etc). If anyone decides to build out a notebook modeling how these interactions between charts might work, please let me know! I’m especially interested in learning whether it’s possible to import chart ‘templates’ (like Mike did), but to point them to a different datasource than in the original notebook – that is, presuming all three chart types require data formatted in a certain way, being able to transition from a generic template to one linked to a specific dataset defined in the notebook and common to all imported charts.

Is this even possible?

There’s not much interaction, but you should be able to drag the nodes in the force graph. Beyond that the individual cells don’t appear to be connected.

Right. The force-directed graph is interactive (you can move the nodes) but that example dashboard is not coordinated where interaction in one cell affects the display or behavior of another cell. But that’s totally possible. I just need to make another example.

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Here’s an example of coordinated imports. Combine this with the dashboard notebook and you’ll have a coordinated dashboard.


Awesome @mbostock ! I remain amazed by how productive you are, and how you can still make time to follow every thread on this forum!

Thanks for everything :rocket:

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