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Fun Qubit Visualization

Hey everyone. I found Θbservable a few months ago and I’ve gotten pretty excited about creating with it since. This is my first post on the forum, and my first Θbservable article (hopefully of many).

Here’s my article: Qubit Playground & Puzzle!
This playground lets you place simple wires and gates to transport and transform qubits. I’ve also included a puzzle to challenge your qubit-transformation skills!

A bit of background on what I’m working on:
This article was inspired by games like Shapez.io, 5D Chess With Multiverse Time Travel, and Factorio; which are really simple to get started with, but end up with the player almost inevitably building some pretty amazing and complex contraptions.

In a general sense, I want to find ways to make “difficult” computing and math concepts more accessible through interaction and visualization. I had the unique opportunity to research Quantum Computing in school and I want to share some of the intuition I gained for the subject with other people!

I hope to be able to continue to build on this project to work towards creating an interactive quantum visualization that’s easy to get started with, but ends in you intuitively creating some crazy quantum algorithms. I would also like to make some of the cells I used in this post into libraries that can be used by other people on Θbservable!

Thanks so much for taking a look! If you have the time to leave some feedback I would greatly appreciate it. It would be great to know what makes sense, what’s confusing, which things are clunky, and which things are clean in the playground. Also just happy to talk about Θbservable (and how it is great for making interactive articles :slight_smile:). I’m excited to have found this community!