Fork multiple notebooks

Forking is great, but sometimes I’m basically combining two notebooks into one and I would like to give credit to both. I usually do this by saying that within the notebook, but it always feels somewhat arbitrary which notebook “gets the fork.” I’m not sure exactly how this would work, but would be interesting if there was a way to multi-fork, or maybe have a references section that can say which notebooks this was based on?

You can merge any notebook into any other notebook (to avoid copy-pasting the content). The only caveat is that you have to know the notebooks’ identifiers.{base}...{target}

Where {base} is the id of the notebook you want to merge into, and {target} is the id of the notebook you want to merge from. You can find the id of a notebook fairly easily now by clicking on History in the notebook menu, and then copying it from the URL.

We don’t currently surface this information in the byline, though, so if you want to give credit, I recommend doing so in the content of the notebook itself. You could also consider importing the notebook instead, if appropriate.