Feature request: Notebook stats/analytics

Will it be possible to know how many people visited our notebooks and how much time is spent on them (aggregated/anonymous data)?

Something like what Medium does for our publications, i.e. if we are writing a publication on observable instead of Medium, its helpful to know if people are actually reading it, and if so are they bouncing off midway etc., Is adding a custom analytics code in one of the cell a recommended approach?

The likes and forks are great way to understand community reaction, but, I personally use the ‘like’ button to bookmark notebooks of interest so I can revisit them easily, so if I just want to appreciate a notebook, like with the medium clap (something that non-members can use too) that would be awesome too! Or maybe I can add notebooks of other users to a private collection called bookmark.

Thank you!


While there isn’t an official analytics, here is a link for a past discussion on how to add google analytics, or you could include any analytics service on your notebooks.

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