Failing to load resource on embedded notebook

I’m running an embedded notebook (using the import method), and it works great on most of the computers I tested it on. However on some computers (curiously those sitting behind a university firewall), I get a strange error - “GET https :// 500 notebook-runtime.js?module:805” and “GET https :// 500 notebook-runtime.js?module:805”

I’m using d3=require(“d3@5.9.1”), but I get the same (or more) errors when using just d3@5. I’m stuck. I don’t know why it would work on some computers but not others if they are running the same browser.

Is it possible that the firewall is blocking requests to

I think so. I actually just tried the import using and it solved it. Thanks for the quick response though. Do you know if that’s a common issue with unpkg?

I’ve not run into it myself. You may want to ask your university’s network administrators.

Be careful that and related services sometimes also go down: see this thread.