Extensions (spatial extension) with duckdb

Has anyone tried to use a duckdb extension in observable with any luck? The spatial extension would be amazing to use with geoparquet datasets. I’ve tried to install it in a connection query con.query(INSTALL spatial) and recieve the error “Error: IO Error: Can’t find the home directory at ‘/home/web_user’
Specify a home directory using the SET home_directory=‘/path/to/dir’ option.” Is this possible/does anyone have any good work around for loading and querying large geoparquet datasets in observable?

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The DuckDB-Wasm version used by Observable is currently a few versions behind. Once it has caught up you should be able to use extensions as described here: Extensions for DuckDB-Wasm - DuckDB

You can follow the progress in this issue: Update duckdb-wasm to latest · Issue #588 · observablehq/feedback · GitHub

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I can’t wait…