Embedding cell with html code

I was having trouble trying to find the embed option, then realised the cell didn’t have one, is their an alternative way to do this.


In order to obtain embed code for a cell you will need to

  1. Either publish or share your notebook and
  2. name the cell or cells that you want the embed code for.

By “name” I simply mean assign the output to a variable. Thus, instead of

html`<div id="wrapper"></div>

you would want

name_for_chart_to_export = html`<div id="wrapper"></div>

or some such fun name.

I have named the cell but nothing has changed.

You need to click Enable link sharing or Publish to enable embedding.

Thanks you guys really made my day. I have two questions is observable ever going to use other languages and even try to replace Jupyter notebooks when it comes to data science.