Dynamically rename column headers in `Inputs.table`

I am trying figure out how to dynamically rename columns particularly in Inputs.table. I have a notebook to illustrate: Input tables / Sam Albers | Observable

But here is my process:

Create a table that is just the islands and species columns:

viewof tab = Inputs.table(penguinsMeta)

Take that input (tab) and join that on the penguins data to return all data that matches my selection with Inputs.table:

penguinsSub = penguinsAq.join(aq.from(tab))

Plot resulting data

  marks: [
    Plot.barY(penguinsSub, {x: "culmen_length_mm", y: "body_mass_g", sort: {x: "y", reverse: true}}),

Now here is my issue:

I want to append _tab to any column name that starts with an s. But only the column name, not the column. I know I can manually do this like so:

viewof tab = Inputs.table(penguinsMeta, {
  header: {
    species: "species_tab"

However I want to make it so that it will append _tab to a column called sloth or sleep as well. And because I am doing a join on that original data with the original column headers I don’t want to permanently change the column names - this is strictly for presentation purposes.

Any ideas?

I’d do this by dynamically generating the object you pass to the table function. Here I’ve also renamed the “island” column to “island_demo”, just to show how to mix manual and automatic renaming.

viewof tab = Inputs.table(penguinsMeta, {
  header: {
    island: "island_demo",
        .filter((name) => name.startsWith("s"))
        .map((name) => [name, `${name}_tab`])
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