Remove first checkboxes column from Inputs.table


The first column of Inputs.table seems to always be a bunch of selection checkboxes. I get that this lets you pass the selected rows to other viewofs, but sometimes I don’t need this functionality, so the checkboxes do nothing and are just confusing to the user.

Is there a simple way to remove them? I can’t find anything about this in the docs.

Thanks in advance!

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An additional option to do this is discussed in Table option to suppress checkbox column · Issue #136 · observablehq/inputs · GitHub

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You can always hide them with CSS:


This worked, thanks!

A tangent, but this raises another thing that I’ve been finding hard about working with Observable. I spent a good while looking for solutions to this, and I feel like I never would have found the example you shared, even though its title points exactly to what I was searching for. Any tips for navigating the world of Observable documentation and examples?

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I get that. Thing is, this solution is really not at all Observable specific; it’s all HTML/CSS. I think it’s fair to say that you need to be up on that stuff, if you want to develop dynamic visualizations in web pages. Even if you are on top of that stuff, then it helps to remember that all that stuff is applicable within Observable as well.

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