Drawing a network of nodes with connections


Any advice how to build a project that will draw a network of node and relationships?
What modules or versions of D3 should i use?

d3-force is a common starting point. A more detailed answer depends on what specifically you have in mind.


For a start, I need to show a graph of nodes and relationships between them.
The data will be taken from API - connected to Neo4j db (or any other db in the future). I want the user to be able to select a node and then show the connections to other nodes and so on.
Very similar to Neo4j browser.
At the end, i want to build an Angular app with controls where the user would select some functions like : Get person with id number 123… and show all his relationships to his customers.
So the app will call the Api and the response will be visualize with D3.


So, the app

Given the popularity of d3 you’ll likely find some ready made components.

A quick search brings up Interactive Directed Graphs for Angular | learnwell. Despite the title many of the examples also seem to show undirected graphs.