Does autocomplete after dot not work in new UI?


In the classic UI I could (and still can) get autocomplete for object properties when I type dot. In the new UI this doesn’t seem to work for me anymore (also tried tab, shift-tab, ctrl-tab). Is this a regression in the UI? It makes me a lot less productive in the new UI and I find myself switching back constantly…



Hi Daniel! Thanks for the question. You’re entirely right in noting that not all of the autocomplete functionality of the classic UI has been brought over to the next UI yet. Currently next offers autocompletions for a handful of things:

  • Names of other cells
  • Observable’s standard library
  • Observable Inputs
  • Plot charts
  • Basic cell options like imports or for loops

However, we do not yet have support for a couple crucial types of autocompletions like local variables, object properties, and globals. This is very high on our list of functionality to bring from classic to next.

One small note, though, is that you can force the autocompletion menu open at any point with the ctrl-space shortcut in next, though it doesn’t look like that is documented in our help pane – I’ll add that ASAP!

I’ll also post an update on this thread once we’ve made more progress on next’s autocompletions. Thanks again for your message and for your patience! It’s really helpful to know about any aspects of the classic UI that are missed in next.


Autocomplete has been the only reason I don’t use Next


Same. And the visual display of cell dependencies on the right. Love that feature!

minimap is on Next now:


I stand corrected. Thanks for letting me know!

I noticed that alt+double-click does not work for me in Next in Chrome on macOS. (Cmd+J, which does the same thing, does work.)

Just +1 this with the announcement today that Observable Classic will be discontinued in the next few weeks.

The new Observable Next autocomplete that includes useful snippets (I never remember reducer syntax!) is well and I’ve found it handy but I will really miss the original one if Observable Classic is taken away.