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Always-on autocomplete

Hi folks,

We just launched an option to enable always-on autocompletion. As opposed to the current autocompletion system which only shows completions when you hit Tab, this new mode shows completions as you type. They’re the same completions, and the same mechanics work.

This is a new setting you can choose in your user preferences:

We’re putting this out in the world to gather feedback, and then our intent is to enable it by default for new signups. The current completion system, while useful, often goes unused by people who expect always-on completion – because always-on is the default setting for Atom, VS Code, Sublime Text, and many other popular editors. By enabling the setting by default, we’ll make it useful to those new users, and by adding an option to turn it off, it will also work for folks who use manually-triggered completion.

Our code completion is based on a combination of live values, cell names, values from the standard library, and tokens. In the near future, we’re going to bring it a few steps further, potentially working from the LSP ecosystem to show completions based on advanced static analysis.


Can confirm. Haven’t used completions even once because I always forgot about that feature.

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