Debugger/Oservable issue?


Does any one experienced issues with the chrome debugger?

I am working with observable platform, in dev mode, and without the debugger the input button click event works ok, but when I activate the debugger (dev tools) it stops working…worst…it seems that sometimes it works and other times don’t…

I may be doing something wrong or stupid :slight_smile: but I can’t find the why (nor the pattern) so trying to see if some else had the same issue, and if so, how to solve it :slight_smile:

Please provide more details, like

  • What are the exact steps that you follow and that don’t work for you? What behavior do you expect?
  • How do you activate the debugger? Are you setting breakpoints or using a debugger statement?
  • Do you continue or abort script execution?

Thanks for the reply. I will post the code to show.

But the idea is simple. You have a button and expect it to respond to the mouse click.

That’s not happening when the iterative debugger is activated. (Chrome elipse->“More Tools”->“Developer Tools”

I setted breakpoints but the onclick function is not called, so it never breaks there.

But as I said, without the debugger the thing works :slight_smile:

Well, while building a minimal example to show the issue, I found that it is a bug.

I feel like there may be a misunderstanding here of how a debugger works. When you enable the debugger you pause script execution. Naturally your button will stop responding to interactions.