d3js tube map

Hello dear community,
i’m new in D3js… i 'm trying the D3js tube map (d3 Tube Map - bl.ocks.org)
so i created (copy and paste from the link ) an index.html, stations.json and css files but nothing… no map
thank you for your help.


Sup Philippe! How are you loading the page locally, and what error are you seeing (or what’s not working)? Could you share a screenshot? One thing that sometimes trips people up is that you can’t just double-click the index.html if it makes AJAX requests, which that example does (to load stations.json); you have to start a local web server in the directory where you have the index.html. More info.

This forum is mainly about the site Observable, which is a way of coding in the browser (D3 or any JavaScript) so you don’t have to worry about stuff like local web servers. You may have come across D3 examples on the site. It’s like bl.ocks.org (where you found that neat tube map), but you can just click “Fork” in the upper right to make your own version of the example.

Here I’ve adapted John Walley’s block to an Observable notebook. If you click “Fork” you’ll have your own version. Maybe this helps?

Cheers & welcome

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Thank you for your response. Unfortunately, i have nothing on my screen…
I think i have to start by the begining of D3js…

Take notice of your OS and browser version and then look into JavaScript console (F12 on Firefox) for errors.