Cross pointers are no longer working

I am not sure if this is code mirrors or Observables issue, but cross pointer selection and editing, no longer working. It was working about two weeks ago. I am not sure when it stopped working

Macbook - Chrome

What keys are you using? I’m not seeing any issue Command-clicking or Option-clicking for multiple cursors. Has anything changed in your system’s or browser’s keyboard shortcuts?

Kapture 2020-03-22 at 15.35.36

I was using shift + option (I am using those pairs in vs code for 2-3 years now) and I started using it intuitively on Observable as well


So far it was working on Observable, but recently it stopped working

I just rechecked:

It looks like only option key is working now

option+click - works


Shift+Option+Click - Does not work

I am not sure if this issue at all.

Ah, thanks for the clarification. This is a potential bug with a new feature we’re developing but haven’t launched yet. The team will investigate.


This should be fixed now — many thanks for reporting the change in behavior.

(For what it’s worth, as you’ve noticed, Shift-Option-Click doesn’t do anything different than regular old Option-Click does in our code editor configuration.)

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Thank you

I think I will stick with shift + option anyway, because I am also heavily using vs code, where option key does not work, but shift+option does

Just bringing this up, it looks like the issue reappears (shift+option+click , option +click neither works)