Comparing two land areas

Hi there–

A mapping newbie here, wondering if it would be easy to compare two land areas–specifically Lake County, Oregon, and the State of Massachusetts. The ideas would be put the outlines of the two areas side by side at the same scale so it’s easy to compare their relative sizes. I know there are online tools like and, but I can’t get exactly what I need with those tools.

Thanks in advance for any help!

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Hi there @keviniano!

I had this question too a while back. I solved the part about calculating area something along the lines demonstrated in this notebook:

Where the size calculation is a separate function taken from this forum post on Stack Overflow … and the result looks like this (for my county in MA):

… You would have to mess with this a bit to get a calculation for an entire state vs. a particular county… and I could not find ‘Lake County’. And the outputs will be just numbers.

It would take a lot of finessing but you might also be able to get the side-by-side comparison you want by working with this notebook:

… Hope this helps to get you started! I welcome you to post an example notebook so that you can get more nuanced guidance.