Chart Cell Feature Requests

Hi, the chart cell looks great, but here are a few things I’d like to use that are missing currently:

  • text channel
  • control over field/scale types: norminal/ordinal/quantitative, my bar chart comes out like a histogram because I can’t change the type of ‘month’ from quantitative

Is there a better place to put issues like this relating to UI in OHQ (specifically chart related)?



Love it!! These are all things we’ve talked about but there are so many things we could do that feedback is always very helpful to prioritize.

Text channel — would it be text in addition to the dot/bar/etc? The hard thing about labeling is always overplotting / occlusion. Like how much control would you need over its position, or which ones show?

Control over field/scale types — could you share a link to your broken bar chart? Would love to see it. What are your other use cases for control? Like, setting log/linear, or changing color schemes, or…

As for where to post — this works; we try to watch everywhere. You could also post in the feedback repo: Issues · observablehq/feedback · GitHub. There it can be upvoted, and we’re better about closing the issue when/if it’s addressed. It’s especially useful for specific bugs or individual feature requests.


Thanks for the quick response Toph!

On text channel, I think it should be a channel like x/y/color. When it’s being used the mark should become text and not bar etc. (and perhaps the text channel should be hidden whenever other marks are selected).

You can see my usecase and how I use a text channel in Voyager here:

Control over field/scale types - Some messing in this notebook, but see the linked cell:

I put other comments around this notebook that might be of interest.


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