Change order notebooks are displayed in collection

I have a set of notebooks that would make (at least a little more sense) if displayed in a specific order when viewing the books in the collection. Probably just missing where that is accomplished. Could someone direct me in the right direction?


We don’t currently have an elegant way to control the order of notebooks within a collection—the order is determined by the time notebooks are added to a collection, with the most-recently-added notebook being shown first.

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Will just create another collection with the order needed. Thanks!

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You can also remove everything and re-add it in the desired order.

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Better yet!

Sorry to be a bother… The only options I see when in ‘collections’ tab gui for each the notebook ‘…’ options are ‘trash’ and ‘safe mode’. Tried trash - but that is a bad thing. ‘Safe-mode’ of course is Safe Mode. How to remove notebook from collection?

Open each notebook in a separate tab, then click “Add to collection…” in the notebook menu, and uncheck the collection to remove the notebook.

(We’ll add a way to remove a notebook from the collection page itself. That seems like an obvious missing feature.)

Sorry for the hassle!

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Should have thunk - to check the notebook itself - just me being brain dead. thanks again - and have a good weekend.

I think this is good for the first rev. However, it would be great when managing and viewing collections we could:

  1. view and drag notebooks in Collection edit view to rearrange them
  2. users could sort notebooks in a collection by post date, number of likes, or forks
  3. collection thumbnail could aggregate the thumbnails of the notebooks in it, or top 4
  4. users could favorite whole collections
  5. users could search for collections by subject created by other authors
  6. developers could add hashtags to collections to assist with those search results
  7. collections would show up in search results first for deep subject matter dives, or as an option in ‘advanced search’ options David and myself have listed elsewhere on this forum

when can we expect those refinements? rev. 2 of the next collections/search features update?

P.S.: :8ball: also would be nice to see some great works from others in the official Featured Observable Visualization and other collections posted on the site home page that are a tad too observable crew heavy at this point


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My +1 to this feature request

It wont only help notebook authors, it would be good for newcomers too …

Because right now in “Introduction” collection, notebooks are in reverse order and it’ll confuse new users, who just want to know how Observable works