Cells display on 34'' wide screens

would be nice for the cell name column and content to stretch and fill the whole screen on wider 32-34’’ screens:

from this notebook:

In this particular scenario I’d like to see more generated md columns when I maximize obervablehq window.

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You can try fullscreen mode, as described here:


.@mbostock I scanned it, did not find a clear cell for the fullscreen mode enable instructions in that changelog you shared.

Even if there is one, I think it should be an easy CSS screen res. fix to stretch cell content without resorting to or adding custom full-screen view toggles or cell name/content CSS overrides.

will dig in some more. thanks!

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It’s here:

The notebook menu is the three horizontal dots next to the publish/fork button.


my bad. full-screen works! any chance we can make cell content span without full-screen toggle on wide screens? It’s just another drop-down to click (that I missed) and most users probably will too.