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Can't get value to display in @observablehq/timechart


First time using Observable and new to D3.

Im trying to modify the example timechart covid graphs.

It looks like I’ve got it working except it won’t populate the actual values. The state names and date ranges are correct.

When I try to compare the objects between the starting project and the fork I’m editing I can’t tell any type or other differences…

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Fork I’m working on: Donations over Time / Dillon Doyle / Observable

Original: COVID TimeChart / Mike Freeman / Observable

TimeChart requires that you supply data that is consistent with the chosen time interval. You’re using d3.utcDay as the time interval, but you passed in dates that are at midnight local time rather than UTC.

If you redefine tParser to d3.utcParse instead of d3.timeParse, and you change cases_per_day to use tParser(dd.date) instead of new Date(dd.date) it should work.

To complement mbostock:

Wow thank you that is exactly correct!!

solved :wink: