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Can the debugging info in the new observable be supressed?

I use the console to debug and find the debugging messages produced by observable ‘distracting’ Is there a way there’s can be turned off for the uses and maybe enabled by a flag for people who needs this data?

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There is certainly more debug messages sent to the console in our Experimental features. May I suggest that you set your console’s filter to show only your own console.logs?

In Safari, pick the ‘Logs’ option instead of ‘All’

In Chrome, pick ‘Info’ only instead of ‘Default’

That will show only your own console.logs instead of the debug info from our Experimental features.
Hope that helps!

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These messages are part of the “logs” stream…

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Thanks, chrome has that too,

Still would like the Experimental (even though it’s the version everyone see’s unless they enable classic) use a cookie to determine if debug information is broadcast. Totally easy to do for the in house devs and would reduce the noise to new users who don’t know about the info.

Interesting… in Safari, when I pick the Logs stream, I don’t get those messages at all.

FWIW, I can reproduce in Safari 13.1.2:

Kapture 2021-05-31 at 16.55.56|50%

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Ah. I am on Safari 14.1
Regardless, we are looking at options to better suppress these messages. Thanks for the feedback!

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That screengrab is Safari 14, FWIW.