Bug: Keyboard command to bring up web inspector overridden

I use Cmd-Opt-j quite often to bring up a web inspector but this no longer works in Observable notebooks as the strokes are being captured for some other behavior. Does anyone else have this issue? Can we reconsider the keyboard bindings?

I assume from “Cmd-Opt-j” that you’re using Chrome on a Mac. I tried this keyboard shortcut in Chrome (75.0.3770.100) on my Mac (10.14.5) with several different notebooks open and I can’t reproduce the behavior you’re describing, i.e. the JavaScript Console pops up as expected in each case.

Do you know what “some other behavior” is capturing the keystroke? Is it happening for you in all notebooks? Could it possibly be caused by a browser extension or some other program running in the background?

As far as I know the shortcut in every mac browser is cmd-opt-i, not j

[This comes from e.g. the shortcut for showing the inspector for files selected in Finder.]

It works just fine in every browser from an Observable notebook in my experience.

Ah I misspoke, Cmd-Opt-j goes directly to the JavaScript Console (not the Web Inspector). I use it very frequently, can I remap the notebook binding?

I’m rolling out a change now that makes keybindings minimal, so Cmd-Opt-J will not be overridden by Observable.