Bug: Dragging outside preview image modal closes modal

Browser: Google Chrome 75.0.3770.100
OS: MS Windows 10.0.17134 Build 17134


  1. Open preview image modal.
  2. Add image (by pasting or dragging, shouldn’t matter).
  3. Zoom in (for visual feedback, though it shouldn’t matter).
  4. Start dragging the preview.
  5. End the dragging outside of the modal.

Expected behavior

Drag ends, modal stays open.

Actual behavior

Modal closes without warning, discarding all changes.


The modal closes when a mouse interaction happens outside of the modal area. Apparently this behavior is bound to mouseup instead of click.
Recommendation: Don’t close modal on outside mouse events. There are already two ways to close the modal (x in the top right and cancel button). Imo discarding the dialog through outside clicks might make sense for notifications, but not for action/option modals.

A slight and polite nudge, because I just lost a few seconds to this bug. :scream:

We have an outstanding PR here if you want to vote on it:

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Thanks, added my vote to the PR and issue. Sadly, given their merge track record and the number of open requests it’s doubtful that they’ll merge the PR in the near future.