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Half displayed preview images

Recently, some of the preview images of my notebooks have been showing up half cuttoff, liks so:

You can see that on the tab of my public notebook list.

That’s odd, I notice when I use the mouse wheel to scroll in the window it resizes the image to fit. That’s like the zoom function that’s disabled.

Oh Template litterials would make the easier (for me :slight_smile: ) to read.
width.toString() + ‘px’ == `${width}px`

the slider has: xx_spindle = spindle(n) not xx_spindle = spindle(N)
But I think you know that due to N being defined.

Since it looks half of what you desire it could have something todo with the pixel density of your display?

What does window.screen.height ='s

Not sure really. #2c

@hellonearthis You know that x^x-Spindle notebook was the very first thing I published on Observable so I’m sure there are a number of things I’d do differently now. I don’t think I’m ready to go down the road of editing all my past notebooks, as long as they’re working. Honestly, the main point of this post was to make the Observalbe team aware that there might be a new issue with their automatic preview image generation code.

Thanks for the interest, though!

This might have been a hiccup. I just forked the notebook, and the thumbnail generated fine:


This is now fixed!

For the curious, we had upgraded Puppeteer to 9, which changed behavior in how it crops when taking screenshots. Specifically, the newer method ends up sending resize events to the browser just before capturing a screenshot. So, depending on how quickly cell height calculations could run, you’d sporadically get mid-render screenshots.

There were too many previous thumbnails to attempt regenerating all of them and no good method of identifying which were affected, so I’d suggest making a no-op edit to your notebooks (or edit and undo) to regenerate the thumbnail.


@visnup Yes, this seems to have fixed the problem. It’s introduced another problem, though. The preview images of the things I do with X3Dom are broken, as you can see if you go to my X3Dom collection. You should see something that looks like so:

Those red squares indicate that the browser doesn’t work with X3Dom.

Nooooo, well I’m assuming this broke with the first change to the thumbnailer. Seems like I need to add webgl support and it looks possible. I’ll look into this this week.

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I ended up reverting the thumbnailer changes for now, so WebGL should all work again. I’ll attempt the upgrade again in the future, but opting for stability over the new changes. That, and now I have a good list of things to check for before attempting again!

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