Brush not working anymore!

Why is it when i try to change the shapes from circles to squares(rectangles) in this code:

… the brush doesn’t work any more?
While, if i change it in this code:

… it still works?

What could be the difference even though it’s the same concept for the code but instead of a single plot where the brush is working, the SPLOM (scatter-plot matrix) doesn’t work with brushing with shapes other than circles? :confused:

hi @Emo-Lightning do you have a work in progress notebook?

It does work if you change shapes, it just need a few tweaks

Thank you soooo much for your help! :sob:
It took me hours and i couldn’t solve this :sweat_smile:
Apparently i had 2 mistakes which your code helped me figure out:

  1. at the beginning i didn’t change this line
    svg.append(“style”) .text(circle.hidden { fill: #000; fill-opacity: 1; r: 1px; });
    to rect instead of circle…
  2. in the brush function i called circles instead of rectangles!

I busted my eyes out trying to figure out what was the issue and searching everywhere, but all i needed was another pair of eyes to pinpoint what i forgot… I feel so dumb hahaha…
Thank you sincerely once again :hugs:

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