Brush functionality in Plot?

Is brush or zoom/pan functionality available in Plot? I’ve only seen references to it in github so I’m guessing either it’s still in development or I’m overlooking something in the documentation.

I’m starting to really enjoy working with Plot. Thanks for everyone’s contributions!


We have been working on interaction, and brushes will be there when this lands, but I can’t share a timeline. In the meantime you can use the experimental plugin.

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This looks very promising!

Is this the experimental plugin: “Plot = require(await FileAttachment(“plot@14.umd.js”).url())” ?

Thank you!!!

@aallman It’s a modified version of Plot. You can use it in your own notebook via

import {Plot} from "@fil/plot-brush-71"

or aliased with

import {Plot as PlotBrush} from "@fil/plot-brush-71"

so that you can still use the bundled Plot as well as Fil’s version.

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