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Brackets for NCAA Tournament Visualization

I’ve created a couple of notebooks to help me follow the NCAA tournament. I published the first one almost exactly a year ago in anticipation of the (ultimately cancelled) NCAA tournament:

That notebook allows you to browse through almost 60 past tournaments for both the men’s and women’s events. It’s been updated this year to allow you to follow the tournament as it progresses.

That visualization is built on top of data provided by Kaggle for their March Madness competitions for the Men’s and Women’s tournaments. Ultimately, my real objective was to create a tool allowing anyone competing in the competition to visualize their progress throughout the tournament. That recently published notebook is here:

That second notebook might not make much sense without some understanding of how Kaggle’s competition works but the notebook does include an example menu allowing you to choose from several pre-built submission files to illustrate the basics. You can also check out the related discussion on Kaggle’s discussion board.