Announcing scheduled notifications

Schedules and notifications for Pro and Enterprise users is now in public beta. You can send charts, CSVs, and other messages to email and Slack from a notebook on a schedule you choose.

To compose a notification, use the new snippets in the + add cell menu (search notifications) or write:

(await NotificationClient("")).send("Hello")
(await NotificationClient("slack:#random")).send("Hello")

You can then set it to run every day, hour, or ten minutes in the new image Schedule sidebar, which lets you run your whole notebook periodically in the cloud. You can send test notifications from the notebook (where we’ll always prompt you first), but typically these are meant to be sent on the schedule.

We’ve had that chart you see in the video of Observable Plot npm downloads in a notebook for years, but now we get it daily in Slack. Instead of having to check the notebook (and tell people about it), we can all react :100: every time it hits new highs. Like it has the past two days.

Any DOM cell, like charts and tables, is rasterized as an image. Data is serialized as CSV (if tabular) or JSON and sent as an attachment.

It’s been a pleasure building this with @visnup, @annie, @dunstan, Britta, and others. We’re very open to any question or comments or wishes.

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