Add "How do I use this code?" for Hierarchical Edge Bundling

We’d love to use Hierarchical Edge Bundling / D3 | Observable in our project, but the notebook lacks the usual section “How do I use this code?” ( like it’s present in e.g. Tree, Radial Tidy / D3 | Observable and many other ones ).
We have already been able to use several visualizations that use such structure, but we haven’t been able to get Hierarchical Edge Bundling to work.

Will such structure / section “How do I use this code?” be added also to the Hierarchical Edge Bundling notebook anytime soon, or does perhaps someone already have a fork with such arrangement?

We do not plan to add this pattern to all of D3’s examples; you can however copy the code and transform each cell into a “const”. For example, here is the hierarchical edge bundling notebook as a stand-alone page: