A NetCDF viewer and enhanced class

I’ve put together a NetCDF viewer that lets you examine the information in a NetCDF file. The metadata display is complete; the data display is primitive but gets the job done. Currently, it uses the Observable inspector to display a slice of the data as selected by sliders, one per dimension.

The slices are obtained by a reusable extended API atop netcdfjs that allows access (or setting!) of individual values, iterating over slices, or extracting slices. It does this without copying any extra data out of the underlying ArrayBuffer, minimizing the memory usage, unlike `netcdfjs.getDataVariable`(name) which always copies the entire variable into Javascript arrays, while also flattening all but the record dimension, leaving indexing of higher-dimension variables to the user.

I plan to add specialized data displays (e.g. geo, graph, etc.) and generally beat ln it more, but I think it’s already pretty useful for a quick inspection of contents.