A gig for a French-speaking designer who dabbles in data visualisations

Hey! I work for an offshoot of the French ministry of employment, and we’re recruiting an interactive designer for one of our offerings. It’s a freelance + remote position, fluent French is a must.

We’re looking for someone who can wield two strengths: conducting exploratory research (as in, talking with our users and data providers) and designing interactive visualizations. We have data scientists, topic experts and developers on the team. The designer’s job will be to make the data usable and explorable by the target audience.

What kind of data? Everything related to “Inclusion par l’activité économique”, which is a decades-old government program that helps funds corporations whose purpose is hiring people who are, for various reasons (handicap, long term unemployment, age, & others) far from the job market.

It might be a long shot, posting here, but perhaps someone here will know just the right person!