Yielding transformed output of a generator into a cell

In the Passing Signals Between Cells notebook, the Dmain cell transforms the results of the value cell; which is assigned to a ‘Generators.observe…’

What is the code pattern to have the value cell directly yield the transformation Dmain produces; eliminating the need for the Dmain cell?


The Generators.queue documentation alludes to this possibility, but it’s not clear how to implement it for the specific scenario in the notebook:

Generators.observe is typically used to define a generator cell, but you can also read the yielded values by hand.

Use Case: The cell selLambdas in this notebook is used to transform a chartFilter generator. The goal is to eliminate the need for the intermediary chartFilter cell.


The cell selLambdas in the notebook is now properly iterating through the chartFilter’s generated values.

The general pattern inferred from this discussion in the documentation would then be:

  const generator = Generators.observe(…);

  for (const value of generator) {

     let transformationOfValue =  
         performSomeFunctionToTransformValue(await value);    

     yield transformationOfValue;

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