What's the meaning of ".style("mix-blend-mode", "multiply")"

Dear all, what’s the meaning of “.style(“mix-blend-mode”, “multiply”)”? Does this mean two segments in the svg can overlap?

Here’s Google’s first hit for mix-blend-mode:

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Thank you very much Professor! If it possible, could you take a look at my another confusions? I’ve figured it out since last week… Thank you very much!

@mcmcclur has already hinted at it: We’re happy to help if you’re stuck with a problem. But being “stuck” means that you’d have already done your own research and exhausted your options.

In general I’d recommend that you try to formulate your own theories why something may not work as expected. Often you’ll find the answer coming to you just by phrasing the problem differently.


Thank you very much, I’m actually a new learner of this platform and also JS, so maybe it’s hard for me to understand something in the previous stage. I really appreciate your help and support. I’ll try to figure it out at the very beginning stage. Thank you~

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