What is the different between observable vega lite and actual vega lite?

What is vl.markPoint and all the javascript API? vega specs are json and all the docs are in json. We need to know exactly how to map vega docs to this or to parse and plot vega specs in observable.

The JavaScript API is newer and aims to be more concise. It’s more common on Observable, but isn’t limited to it. You can use either the JavaScript API or the JSON specification, either on or off Observable. In addition to the intro, examples, and tutorials on Observable, here’s the documentation site for the JavaScript API.

Here’s a notebook demonstrating a full round-trip from the JavaScript API to JSON and back to a live chart embedded in Observable:

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That’s helpful. So there is no “embed” in the standard “vl” I guess that is the real trick.

One thing about the new API is that it is not obvious to me how to trace from JSON to JS API and back (in the docs, not having js code that works). You can plot JSON via embed but you can’t print JS from JSON if you so desired.

For example, have been trying to understand how to disable legend in the JS api. Will probably just stick with JSON if JS is new and not really supported with docs.