warning symbol in plot

A little yellow warning symbol is showing up in a plot I’m generating with Plot. It looks like this:


I can’t find this behavior documented on observable’s website.

Is there a way to get a cell to output the actual warning message so I can identify and fix the problem?

you should find the message in the browser console; it contains both an explanation of the cause and a solution to “fix” the chart

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@Fil @stuvjordan-uroc I am having the same issue and haven’t figured out the solution yet; I don’t see anything obvious in either Chrome or Safari browsers, but I admit I’m not sure what you mean by “browser console”.

Would either of you be willing to give a bit more detail on the solution for the less-tech-literate among us?

See Open Chrome DevTools - Chrome Developers for documentation on how to open the console in the developer tools. This is where the message appears, in yellow. For example: