Waiting for Emscripten, SSIMULACRA edition

I’m trying to run SSIMULACRA in an Observable notebook.

Dominik Homberger has an Emscripten-powered, client side version of it running here.

I was successfully able to steal that code and run it in my own client-side context, here.

But when I try to load it in an Observable, using the advice here, it fails.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Here’s a working version you can merge:

You need to set Module.wasmBinaryFile so that SSIMULACRA knows where to find it. And I attached the WASM file to the notebook since your server doesn’t currently set CORS headers (and also because it makes the notebook more self-contained). Lastly, rather than relying on SSIMULACRA to set the FS global, I just attach that global to the ssimulacra object, so that the cell can define a single thing that has everything you need to use it.

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Well I just learned three or four things.

Thank you!!!