visualizing a hub/spoke network on a map?

Is there a map template that supports showing hub and partner locations on a US Map? I have addresses and associations (many lead sites and their multiple, associated partner orgs) and I would like to show all site locations on the US map, and when you scroll over a site/location marker, the connections for THAT SITE to its lead/partner sites appear (making that “sub network” visible within the national network). I started this in Flourish and kept the associations through color, but I need to add the hub/partner connector lines, as well as distinguish the hub locations. This is for a NASA network, and I welcome any recommendations of what to branch from or if a template exists. Thanks for any help!

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I haven’t used Flourish but my impression is that it provides a “point and click” interface to create data visualizations. Observable, by contrast, is more of a programmer’s tool. That allows for much more flexibility but will generally require more work and programming ability - particularly, if you want to incorporate interactivity.

Having said, the map below has a network that allows you to highlight adjacencies by simply hovering over the nodes. The code in this notebook should be adaptable to the type of visualization you are working on.


:eyes: thank you, I will let you know how it goes

If you’d like to share the data, it might be easy to create an example that’s more directly related to what you’re trying to do. I wasn’t able to extract that data from the Flourish map.

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