Vega_lite_Disable Blank Facet

I’m using facets in Vega, but have one graph with no data, how to remove it from viz?

Not fixed that issue @amidsi but have found a fix to the jumping.

Adding the .bounds('flush') fixed the jumping.
Also made the width look nicer by defining it as a just under a 1/3 of the width.

      // add white stroked text to provide a legible background for labels
      base.markText(label, white).encode(vl.text().fieldN('aspect_desc')),

This might help fix the blank

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Hey hellonearthis!
Thank you veery much for noticing it, coz I had this question here too:

Pls, add your solution there too for me to close that issue with Solution button! :partying_face:

I believe this is happening because your facet columns rows share the x axis.

I can’t offer a solution, but you may find some inspiration in COVID-19 Curves (U.S.) / Nick Bosman / Observable.

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