Using Observable Visuals in Power BI

Hi! ObservableHQ has a great collaborative editor to build custom data visualizations and analysis. It also allows social remixes by forking d3 examples and other notebooks you have created to reuse components. And finally you can embed these visuals to websites and other web based platforms using JavaScript. But if your data is currently living in a BI tool and you find it hard to plug your data model to a notebook to perform some quick analysis or embed a custom visualization, you can use the custom visual I built for power BI that lets you run a simple notebook interface built using the observable runtime and alex’s (@asg017) unofficial observable compiler that can connect the data model from power BI directly to the notebook reactive dataflow allowing you refresh your visuals in response to drill through and cross filtering. Example here: Iridium: Embedded Computational Notebooks in Power BI & Tableau | by Alok Pepakayala | Medium using the custom visual api, we can further use the notebook to filter other visuals on the dashboard too.