trying to import h264-mp4-encoder

Hello there :wave:

I’m trying to import the h264-mp4-encoder package but without success :confused:
I tried the module require debugger notebook but got the 😭 Okay, so: nothing worked. message, and tried different things with require like :

HME = require('h264-mp4-encoder')
HME = require('h264-mp4-encoder@1.0.9/embuild/dist/h264-mp4-encoder.web.js')
HME = require('')

But always get an Me: invalid module error.

If anyone here knows how to solve this, I would really appreciate the help :pray:

hi, @MAKIO135 Have you tried catching the global module?

HME = await require('h264-mp4-encoder@1.0.9/embuild/dist/h264-mp4-encoder.web.js').catch(
 () => window.HME

Hi @radames,
thanks :pray:. this works perfectly :smiley: