Thumbnailer font list: wanted: 900 sans-serif

How can I find out about the available fonts on the thumbnail daemon?

Looking for a Black (font-weight: 900) sans-serif.

Can you elaborate why want to use the thumbnailer’s system fonts instead of including a web font (or just setting a custom thumbnail)?

Hi. Well, I want to have the thumbnailer create a ‘billboard’ that looks as similar as possible to the one created in my default browsers on my Mac, responsively. So aspect ratio is also adapted. Defaults to 16:9 and switches to 16:10 on thumbnailer.

In my browser, I have Avenir Next (Black) and Arial Black. Looking for a similar Black font on thumbnailer.

I try to avoid loading a (Google) font for now.

Never have been able to dynamically obtain a browser fontlist.

I really recommend to create a custom helper for this, if you want full control over the design. You can wrap your CSS and markup inside an SVG foreignObject and render that to a canvas. Then you only need to right click the canvas and paste it as a custom thumbnail.

You’re loading one every time you open a notebook. :wink:

That’s by design. You can only probe for fonts by changing a font and measuring changes in text dimensions, but there’s no way to obtain a list of fonts.


… for what it’s worth, here’s the info from window.navigator for the thumbnailer:

Thanks for your replies.

I’ll be picking a Google font then. Seems the easiest way to get max consistency in appearance across platforms.