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I realized like 1 week later, this meant that other people won’t be able to view my changes, it is very easy to miss. It is very not clear that this notice makes reference to that problem.

The notice should be longer to include something like “republish in order for people to view your changes”.

Alternatively, the first time you edit, you should get some tutorial that makes clear you are supposed to republish.

Other than that, I love this website, nice job!

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Great suggestion, Kreijstal.

We’ve pushed a little update that will cause the unpublished changes notice (and also, errors) to follow the sticky header down the page. Hopefully that will make it a lot harder to miss.

We’ll also think about using stronger wording, and upgrading our tutorials…

For what it’s worth, I find the notice staying visible as I scroll to be somewhat distracting/annoying. Not too big a deal, but just as a data point…