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The new way of cell type is interesting.

I just noticed there is a new way the cells are defined.
The only drawback is naming of cells can’t be done easily. As I would have to make the cell as JavaScript cell and the use something like.

my_info = md '# markdown info'

Apart from that I like it as it makes the notebook more notebook like and less an online code editor (due to every cell being a coding cell).

The markdown js code highlighting isn’t as nice as the cells JS code highlight.

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thanks for the feedback!! we are working on some improvements to make it easier to create named Markdown cells, so look out for that soon :+1:


This is Great !
and i agree with @hellonearthis because the naming of the cell is very usefull especially when download the code and use those name to render or not a cell in the final page … (so for now i keep preciously all my cell as js cell …)