Table calculations linked to a slider

Hi there.

I’m a beginner.

I’d like to create graphs using column values (as in the notebook), but with two sliders influencing the calculations of different columns (as below):

fp_cost = false_positive replace(slider value)
fn_cost = false_negative
repair(slider value)
tp_cost = true_positive replace(slider value)
total_savings = (true_positive
repair(slider value)) - tp_cost - fp_cost

Is there a way to do this without having to pre-calculate all possible combinations and putting them all in the table?

@nico-dsq Sorry, looks like your question fell through the cracks.

To clarify, are you asking how to plot a graph “on the fly” for a given domain and interval?

Thanks @mootari . No worries. I got it solved in the end… Thanks, though.