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Synchronizing Multiple Select Views

In Mike’s Synchronized Inputs, he demonstrates how Observable Inputs may be ‘reused’ multiple times within a notebook. Does anyone know how this works for the select input? My attempts are failing / quasi-successful.

Here’s an attempt using the recommended approach for the new inputs:

function set(input, value) {
  input.value = value;
  input.dispatchEvent(new Event("input"));

And here’s an attempt using the original Synchronized Views approach, which will work when I create an HTML input and add Observable inputs to it, but not when I am trying to sync up two Observable inputs directly.

Any insights?

Looks like you’re passing the wrong arguments to Inputs.bind. Try this:

Inputs.bind(Inputs.select(["Project One", "Project Two"], {label: "Project"}), viewof project)
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Thank you!