String default value in arrow function breaks highlighting

See the reproduction here:

Variables are not properly highlighted as defined.

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This one’s an upstream bug that is present in CodeMirror. Unfortunately, because arrow functions are very context-dependent (because (foo, bar='default') is a valid javascript expression and we only know that it’s a parameter list after encountering =>, and CodeMirror’s syntax highlighting system is very context-independent, I’m not sure that there’s a clean fix before CodeMirror 6.

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Why does it work with a number then?

I haven’t tested this (so take this with a grain of salt), but I suspect this line in CodeMirror’s JS mode is causing the arrow-function detection to fail. It looks like it was added in response to this issue.

EDIT: As evidence for this, note that using backticks around your default string argument causes syntax highlighting to work again. Try pasting the following into a notebook:

test4 = (foo, bar = `string`) => [foo, bar]

Reported to CodeMirror:

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This was fixed in codemirror/CodeMirror@4c30e11. It looks like that commit hasn’t yet been published to npm yet, but you should be able to install from the master branch on GitHub to get the fix.

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Tom backported the CodeMirror fix, so this ought to be highlighting correctly now.

Thanks, Tom!


Awesome. Thank you!