Set preview image from within notebook

Yes, I know, the notebook menu is already crammed. But if I want to set the thumbnail of a notebook that isn’t part of any collection, I have to page through all of my notebooks until I find it and can access its context menu.

I wouldn’t even mind if it was hidden in some obscure sub menu, as long as the number of steps to reach it is significantly less than the current workaround:

  1. click on menu
  2. click “add to collection”
  3. check a collection
  4. click “confirm changes”
  5. click collection name
  6. find notebook
  7. (click on context menu, click “set preview image”, configure, click “set image”)
  8. click on context menu
  9. click “in collections”
  10. uncheck the collection
  11. click “confirm changes”


It wouldn’t be that much of a deal if I could at least access the context actions in the search results list. But without a stable notebook sort order, finding the notebook in question in my list of notebooks becomes a game of Where Is Waldo.


Noted. And we know it is frustrating. We will address it in a revamp of our menu design. Stay tuned!

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This issue is now tracked in Allow “Set Preview Image” from within notebook.