Selectize Inputs?

I am searching for an input that is similar to selectize (Shiny - Using selectize input)

Basically the use case is I have an array of decent size (~500) that are all strings. I want to use a search function to grep strings and be able to select those that match the subset.

Anyone implemented something in observable?

Would the search input get you somewhere? Could be combined with the filter option that could handle regex if you needed it.

It doesn’t. Ideally, I want both a text input and a checkbox type hybrid. Say I want to filter my visual with variables that start with ‘BO’ and ‘AN’. I’d just type each of those in and select all, rinse and repeat.

Having individual checkboxes for each possible grouping is tough and listing all the selectable options in a basic checkbox is asking too much work for the user

@saneef made one a while back: